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H'Mong marriage 13

The custom of marriage in Sapa Vietnam – H’Mong Ethnic Group ( Part 2)

During the wedding, there are many rules a bride must follow. Here are some examples and facts: When leaving the bride’s house, during that process, the bride must never look back for it will make her miss her family dearly. During the feast, no pepper dish can be served for it’ll make the bride and […]

H'Mong marriage

The custom of marriage in Sapa Vietnam – H’Mong Ethnic Group ( Part 1)

Tourists to Sapa are most attracted by its unique customs, including the custom of marriage. Tourists to Cat Cat are most attracted by its unique customs, including the custom of “pulling wife” of H’mong people. A man can ask his friends to lure a girl he likes to his house and keeps her there in […]

Ruộng bậc thang

Dao people cultivation activities

. Dao Quan Trang (white trousers Dao people), Dao Ao Dai (long tunic, people)) and Dao Thanh Y (blue clothes people)) specialize in wet-rice cultivation. Dao Do (Red Dao ) people mostly cultivate in rocky hollows. Other Dao people  groups are nomadic, others are settled agriculturists. Popular crops are rice, corn and vegetables, such as […]

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Enjoying cider in Sa Pa

If you visit  SaPa only once time, you will nerve forgot it. Sa pa is not only famous for its wonderful sceneries, but also for its specialties. Have you tried cider of  Sapa,Lao Cai? I must sure that if you had drunk it, you would have liked to enjoy it more and more . Cider […]

Ca nuong

Stream fish- a speciality of sapa

Referring to special, delicious dishes in Sapa, we have to mention the fish dishes which are made of fishes living in streams of Sapa such as Muong Hoa, Muong Tien. These fishes live in natural streams; native people come here to catch them, and then they sell them for restaurants. The special thing is that […]

Love bracelet

Love bracelet important tradition in Sapa

In the ethnic community of Dao Do (the Red Dao) and Mong in the heavily touristed Sapa, the love bracelet is essential for men to be able to court and marry women. It is a symbolic object made of silver and beautifully carved with traditional designs. Emerging as one of the most skillful producers of […]


Ma Tra – new venue for tourists in Sapa

Sapa in Lao Cai Province is a must-visit destination for those keen to discover the unique beauty of Vietnam’s ethnic mountainous life as it combines spectacular landscapes with an exotic lifestyle. Sapa District has added Ma Tra Hamlet into its growing list of stunning destinations in the area. Located five kilometers from southeast Sapa Town, […]

Sapa market tours

Handicraft of Sapa

In Sa Pa, clothes, basketwork, metal and wooden objects, jewellery, pottery, etc, were made locally according to techniques that were often specific to an area or an ethnic group. These objects are still made today for family use and occasionally offered for sale. –   Fibres: hemp, cotton and silk dyed with natural dyes The Tày […]

Ban Pho Village

Ban Pho Village

The Hmong villagers are some of the kindest people you’ll meet in Vietnam.  Moreover , these villages are very beautiful ,and Ban Ho is one of these villages. Especially  Ban Pho is very famous for its specialty “corn wine”. Location: Ban Pho is a 7 km return trip from Bac Ha. Located near the town […]

Roong Pooc Festival of the Giay Ethnic Group

Roong Pooc Festival of the Giay Ethnic Group

Every year on the snake day of January according to lunar calendar, the Giay ethnic group in Ta Van Commune, SaPa district, Lao Cai Province organizes the Roong Pooc (going to the field) Festival to pray for bumper harvests, peace, prosperiy and clement weather. Have many exciting activites, especially Con – throwing. The firs, people […]

San Lung wine in Sa Pa

San Lung wine in Sa Pa

San Lung wine is well-known in some mountainous areas like Lao Cai, Ha Giang provinces. There are two kinds of San Lung: the light black brown and white crystal color. San Lung wine is said to be the “fairy wine” with the feeling of cheery and acry without headache. If corn wine in Bac Ha […]

Sapa Lung Khau Nhin Market

Sapa Lung Khau Nhin Market

Lung Khau Nhin is small market but still keeps its originals. The Flower H’mong and Black Dao people will come to this market on every Thursday and bring a lot of things to exchange and sell. Although not being so big or famous among visitors as Coc Ly, Bac Ha, hau Nhin market, beside a […]