Sapa Attractions

Tram Ton Pass 1

Tram Ton Pass

At 1,900 meters height it is the highest pass in Vietnam. The pass is often referred to as “Heavens Gate” because of its picturesque landscapes, which you see here. It’s like a gateway to heaven. Tram Ton Pass is about 15km from Sapa, when you drive on the road to the other side of Fansipan […]


Ta Van Village – A pure gem of Sapa

In the tourist frequented town of Sapa in Lao Cai Province in northwestern Vietnam, visitors are recommended to drop by Ta Van, a valley at the foot of Hoang Lien and Ham Rong mountain ranges, around seven kilometers from the center of town. A striking view of Ta Van Valley Tranquil and peaceful are among […]

Nha nguoi Nung

The Nung and Tu Si house with tranditional baked clay roof tiles

The roof tiles are made of clay, baked at high temperature in wood kilns buried in the ground. After 5 days of baking, the still hot tiles are sprinkled with water. Those that do not break will protect the houses for a century at least. This technique, known as “rakou” tends to disappear because the […]

Mist in Ham Rong 2

Beauty of mist in Ham Rong Mount

Ham Rong Mountain, which belongs to the majestic Hoang Lien Son Range in Sapa District, Lao Cai Province and is about 30 kilometers from Lao Cai Town, looks like a jaw of a dragon opening wide to the sky. It is an intoxicating scenery when the whole landscape is blanketed in the mist. Standing on […]


Church singing in early spring in Ta Phin

Early spring Ox, Ta Phin Commune (Sa Pa) organized the singing, attracts many local people and tourists to the pilgrimage. Opening the the bridal ceremony procession through the village, the men, women brocade clothes procession colored competed singing and dancing the vibrant grace, create the unique culture of the highlanders. Besides, the singing also held […]

sour noodle

Sour noodle soup – Upland unique cuisine in Sapa

Not exactly sour soup came from and of the nation, but, with most of the highland ethnic groups: Hmong, Dao, Tay, Nung ethnic or even used to live on the mountain headlines such as:Thu Lao, Ha Nhi … sour soup is rustic, indispensable. Each session, she, her pulses beautiful in colorful costumes, swooping on sour […]

Horse in Bac Ha

Story about unique horse-drawn carriage in Bac Ha

A horseman, deeply attached to the northern mountainous Lao Cai province’s Bac Ha Plateau, has expressed his love for the area as he carries tourists in a horse-drawn carriage. Hoang Van Chu of the Nung ethnic sects, who lives in the province’s Na Hoi Nung Village of Na Hoi Commune, is the first admirer of […]

Bird Market in Muong Khuong 1

Bird Market in Muong Khuong village

Friendly ethnic people Normally, people go to Muong Khuong market in early morning after dressing up carefully. Coming to the market, tourists will be impressed immediately by a vivid picture of colorful traditional clothes because there are many ethnic groups gathering here. Besides, the market is also attractive by small simple restaurants, attractive smell of […]

Plum Blossom in Bac Ha 3

Plum flowers blossom in Bac Ha during February.

After the long cold days of winter, it is now sunny and Bac Ha Plateau is covered with white plum blossoms everywhere. The 1,500m-mountainous area is called the Bac Ha White Plateau because so many Tam Hoa plum trees are grown there. Nearly 30 years ago, Vu Duc Loi, head of the Bac Ha Plant […]

Sapa Pau Play Day Cake

Sapa Pau Play Day Cake

Round sticky rice cake is made from glutinous rice. Glutinous rice is soaked in water about 2 hours and then pours it into the pot. After that, sticky rice will be put into mortar. Round sticky rice cake can be eaten with sugar. These cakes have special flavors of glutinous rice.


Salmon in Sapa

Such fish which live only in cold regions like America or Europe have been imported but only successfully adopted in Sapa. With bold taste, pretty pink meat, high nutritional ingredients, salmon is one of the most luxurious dishes for tourists coming to Sapa – Lao Cai. Sometimes, salmon is not only delicious by its taste, […]

Lam rice 2

Bamboo cooked rice

“Lam” rice (or Bamboo Cooked Rice) is a typical dish of ethnic minorities in mountainous area of Northern Vietnam. Originally, “lam” rice was invented as a kind of food for long journey in the forests. Upon the journey, Vietnamese ethnic people can cook rice in a bamboo pipe instead of a pot. By the time […]