Thing to do Sapa

Sapa is such a colourful town thanks to the H’mong and Dzao people from the local hill tribes who head into the town’s market every day to trade their produce. There’s a main market every Saturday when the place is packed but there’s a lower key one every other day during the week. These people will have undergone no formal education but the arrival of foreigners has made them well aware of the value of money and many of the youngsters have picked up a basic level of English. They sell clothing and handicrafts which are popular with tourists.

Many visitors sign up for trekking expeditions out to local villages and beyond. All hotels and travel agencies in town offer half day visits to Cat Cat just 3km outside of Sapa and full day hikes to Ta Phin village which lies 10km outside town. Spectacular scenery abounds on all treks in the area. Overnight stays in minority villages such as Sin Chai are also popular options.

For stunning scenery you must get out to the Tram Ton Pass 15km from Sapa. At 1900m its is the highest in Vietnam and connects Sapa to Lai Chau. All around you are surrounded by almost vertical rice terraces and stunning mountain peaks with regular mists hovering on them. The 100m high Thac Bac waterfall on the same route is spectacular.

For the seriously fit there is a hike to the top of Fansipan, Vietnam’s highest peak at 3143m. This isn’t a climb to be taken lightly with potentially treacherous conditions when the weather turns bad. From Sapa to the peak is only about 20km yet experienced hikers take three or four days to complete it carrying their all their own equipment as there is no accommodation en route. Taking a local guide and even porters is a highly recommended. If you are up to such a challenge the rewards are breathtaking.

Medical bathing in Sa Pa

Bathing With Herbs

Herbal bath in Sapa Vietnam, spending the whole night on the train and some more hours on a coach, I finally travel in the tourist town of Sapa. Being exhausted, I only wanted to take a nap but Phuc, a local friend of mine, said, “Don’t sleep, that’s a waste!” and brought me to a […]

Lan Rung shop

Sapa Souvenir Shopping

Shopping in Sapa is one of the most interesting activities that draws tourist to visit Sapa. All of you can find many souvenir shop when visit throughout Sapa town and see most of local people’s product: handicrafts, silvers, wooden things. All products are made by the people in this region… It is also interesting to […]

ruou tao meo 3

Enjoying cider in Sa Pa

If you visit  SaPa only once time, you will nerve forgot it. Sa pa is not only famous for its wonderful sceneries, but also for its specialties. Have you tried cider of  Sapa,Lao Cai? I must sure that if you had drunk it, you would have liked to enjoy it more and more . Cider […]