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Long Tong Festival of the Tay

5th or 15th of the 1st lunar month. The Long Tong Festival is held in the fields near the village. The centre of the festival is the con tree (cloth-ball tree).

It is the most specific activity of the Tay people. It reflects the desire to have good crops, health, as well as many children and grandchildren. The ceremony involves solemn rituals, such as staging a procession for the Water, worshipping ceremonies to the Village Deity, the Stream Deity and the Mountain Deity, and worshipping the con tree.

There are many merry games such as nem con (a game in which boys and girls throw cloth balls), tug-of-wars, playing cockfights by banana flowers, and buffalo fights by asparagus. Boys and girls come to the festival to folk dance, sing love songs, and make friends.