Sapa Festivals

worshipping forest festival of the nung

Worshipping Forest Festival in Lao Cai

Activities: Worship two ancient trees (Father and Mother trees), and worship people who sacrifice their life for reclaiming the village. Games: contest of leng hao, lan co singing, swinging, wood chess playing. To Lao Cai border land, travelers probably will not miss the opportunity to mix with the festive character of the upland areas, including […]


Folk Dances of the Xa Pho in Sa Pa

The Xa Pho ethnic group has a population of over 1,000 people in northwest Vietnam, residing in separate villages between high mountains, mainly in the districts of Sa Pa, Van Ban and Bao Thang around Lao Cai City. They live mainly on cultivation, livestock and poultry. Like other ethnic groups, they have their own unique […]

110 Sa Pa

Sapa town celebrates 110th anniversary

A wide range of activities will be organised to mark the 110th anniversary of the popular resort town of Sapa in the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai on November 1-2. Highlights of the event will be a grand ceremony followed by a fireworks display at the town’s stadium on the evening of November 2. […]

Nao Song Festival

Nhan Song and Nao Song Festival in Giang Ta Chai

This is the festival of the Red Dao ethnic group in Giang Ta Chai (Ta Van – Sapa). Formerly, on good days of the first lunar month every year, the Red Dao people will carry out the Nhan Song Festival in the forbidden forest of the Village to pray for favorable weather condition.

Gau Tao Festival Sapa

Gau Tao Festival of the H’mong in Sapa

Gau Tao is an important festival of the H’mong to ask for happiness or longevity. If a family in the group has no children or has all children of either males or females, then the master of that household may ask the wizard to celebrate the Gau Tao festival- this is to ask for happiness.

Tet nhay Festival Sapa

Tet Nhay Festival in Ta Van Sapa

Tet nhay Festival is an important one of the Dao group in Ta Van which is prepared carefully. Before the festival, male youth revise their dancing skill while the female ones embroider new clothes. This festival often takes place at the houses of the village’s leader. All members in this extended family gather at the leader’s house to help prepare for the holiday.

Nao Cong Festival

Nao Cong Festival in Ta Van Sapa

Before the 1950s, Ta Van had a three-compartment temple which is located by the suspension bridge across to Ta Van Giay village. This temple has become the place for celebrating the Nao Cong Festival of people in Muong Hoa Valley. Annually, in June of lunar calendar (often the date represents the dragon)…

Quet Lang Festival

Quet Lang Festival of Xa Pho ethnic group in Sapa

This festivals often takes place in February of lunar calendar (on the date represents horse, goat, or human) to wish for a safety, healthy and wealthy New Year for human being and cattle…


Long Tong Festival of the Tay

5th or 15th of the 1st lunar month. The Long Tong Festival is held in the fields near the village. The centre of the festival is the con tree (cloth-ball tree). It is the most specific activity of the Tay people. It reflects the desire to have good crops, health, as well as many children […]

Spring Mountain Festival Sapa

Spring Mountain Festival Sapa

3rd to 5th of the 1st lunar month This festival of the H’Mong ethnic group is called Gau Tao or San Sai, which means “walking in the open air” or “wandering on the mountain top”. The festival is usually held after the lunar New Year celebration on a sloping hill near the village.