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Ham Rong Mountain

Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa located in the adjacent of town, any visitor comes there for panoramic town of Muong Hoa valley, Sa Pa, Ta Phin hidden in smog. Currently, embellished with hand of man, Ham Rong is indeed a fruitful landscape of Sa Pa. And, if one has to Shilin (Yunnan, China), the Ham Rong can also help you imagine the Shilin. Up to Ham Rong, travelers seem to lose in the garden; the clouds rush sealed the trunk, flowers bright surface.

Sapa tours also has old church in town and immediately go from town to the northeast on the road to Ta Phin is a monastery that was built near full as stone in a cleared hillside. Over the monastery, walking three kilometers to the north, we reach Ta Phin cave with enough width containing a number of regiments of the army size. The stalactites create interesting shapes like the first dance, first team sat, remote fields, sparkle forest.

Especially in Muong Hoa valley, there have 196 islands with many strange carvings of the ancient inhabitants of thousands of years ago that many archaeologists have not deciphered. Carved neck area has been classified national monument.

From Sa Pa town, going to the west about 12km on the road to Lai Chau, we will see Silver Falls with the water rushing down from a height of 200 m form the sound impressive mountains. Sa Pa is the “kingdom” of fruit, like flower peach, gold peach, pear, peach, daisy, flower … especially the pink flowers immortal life over time.

Sa Pa with six ethnic groups also reside, each ethnic group has a particular cultural capital for the festival as the festival “Roong poc” of Ta Van Giay, festival “Sai San” of Mongolia, ceremony “Tet jump” of the Red Dao, all festival are held annually in May.